4D HEX Acrylic HEX Number Plates

4D HEX Acrylic HEX Number Plates


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We are Abel to make with your own digits & Registration plate  email with it in the notes or call for further info on 07853339034


Buy your 4D HEX Acrylic Custom Number Plates from as cheap as only £25.

If you are looking to buy a pair of 4D Black HEX Acrylic number plates look no further.

We can create your set of custom number plates for you to improve the look of your vehicle. Add some style and class with a set of front and back 4D Black HEX Acrylic number plates.

Please complete the order form with details personalised to you such as your vehicle registration and style selections to create the perfect set of custom number plates.

You can choose from 4D 3mm, 4D 5mm, 4D Gel, 4D Carbon Brickwork Gel, 4D Carbon Graphite Gel and 4D Glitter Gel.*

Also choose from 4D Neon effect in 6 colours – Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green and Clear.

All 4D number plates have a solid raised effect giving dramatic look with the sharp lines and slight shadow.

The 4D digits are crafted from acrylic and have a long lasting backing giving them durable and hardwearing lifespan.

These are applied using high strength adhesive onto our legal and compliant reflective backings.

This is to ensure that your number plates look the part and are road legal.

Choose from Show or Legal plate styles with or without the markings and compliance code in the bottom right corner as well as a border.

Make your plate stand out from the crowd with these unique plates customised to your specifications.

You can also use our Custom Number Plate builder here: https://custom-numberplates.co.uk/number-plate-builder/

If you prefer 3D Gel plates please check out our 3D Gel custom number plates here.

*Please note that only the Black 4D Acrylic numbers plates are road legal since the last DVLA rule update in September 2021.

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